Born in Guatemala City and raised in the great Los Angeles area. Art has been part of my life since a young age. Growing up surrounded by a family of artists, some people say its in my blood. In my teens I was addicted to graffiti and video games, and cartoons but some day you have to grow up. I gradually fell in love with graphic design finding I could incorporate all those mediums into one composition and did so professionally for 11 years. I graduated from LAFILM with an Associates Degree in Computer Animation and was introduced to 3D modeling and sculpting, I was hooked. Sculpting was addicting, it consumed my life. After attending DesignerCon 2015 I was sure I found what direction I wanted to take with this new found form of expression. I took a steep nose dive into toy making and have been doing so since 2016. Landing #5 of best resin figure of 2016 on www.ToyChronicle.com only reassured me that I took upon  the right path.